Buteyko Control Pause

The Control Pause, a simple FREE test to see if Buteyko Breathing Exercises will help you.

Doctor Buteyko discovered that once carbon dioxide levels became too low in the human body all type of breathing problems were intensified.

Measuring carbon dioxide levels in the body required laboratory equipment and therefore was impossible in the home.

During his investigations he developed this simple but accurate test of carbon dioxide levels through breath holding.

The human system has an automatic reflex allowing us to breathe. A baby breathes as soon as it's lungs have been cleared of fluid. You don't have to think about breathing in your day to day life, it is a normal reflex.

Doctor Buteyko found that this reflex was triggered by carbon dioxide levels. The lower the level the sooner the reflex occurs.

The Control Pause uses this reflex to test for Carbon Dioxide levels by holding the breath until the reflex first kicks in and measuring the time taken.

The Simple test.

This diagram represent a normal breathing pattern, breathing in and out. The flat line represent the holding of breath, this time, measured in seconds is known as the Control Pause and represents the level of carbon dioxide in your body.



Sit in a comfortable upright chair with your back straight to enable your chest and abdomen to breathe freely.

Relax in this position for a couple of minutes to normalise your breathing. Do NOT concentrate on your breathing, be relaxed and breath automatically.

At the bottom of a breathing out cycle stop breathing and start timing.

When you first feel the need to breathe stop your timer and breathe normally.

To me, this is the most difficult part of all of the breathing exercises, to determine when the reflex starts.

I kept trying at different points and noting the feeling. If I held my breath too long I had to take one or more deep breathes to get back to a normal breathing cycle.

I practiced until I could recognize the reflex point without needing extra breathing to recover.

Wait for 2 minutes between each test sitting relaxed and breathing normally.

Once you have found that point record the time taken from your last breathe to restarting.

Check the Results

If your control Pause is less than 20 seconds you are in urgent need of Buteyko.

If less than 30 seconds we highly recommend you use the exercises.

If less than 50 seconds Buteyko will benefit you.

If this exercise causes you any stress at all you are either seriously ill or you are holding your breath too long.

 The breathing exercises will not harm anyone and will benefit even the healthiest person if only by preventing breathing problems from starting.

Commitment to the Exercises

While it is true that there is no charge for any information or programs on this website, like any other useful technique of process there is an investment involved.

In the case of these pages the investment is one of time and committed effort. You will NOT gain the improvements available with the Buteyko Breathing techniques without a commitment of time and effort.

This requires self discipline as with any other exercise regime. You will need to commit from 20 minutes to an hour a day for Buteyko exercises.

Once you have read these pages, tried the simple test and determined that you need Buteyko Breathing Exercises, you will need to make this commitment for at least one week to realize the benefits to be obtained.

Once you recognize the benefits you will need to commit to a life time of exercise commitment.

Once again, this requires self discipline! 

Is anything worthwhile in life obtained without self discipline?

Is anything worthwhile in life NOT obtainable by using self discipline?

If you have trouble applying the methods described on these pages´╗┐ please contact a trained Buteyko Professional.